1940’s Swansea Bay Museum

An Air Raid WardenThe 1940’s Swansea Museum is the premier Second World War museum in South Wales.

The museum brings to life the sights and sounds of the Second World War.

1940s Swansea Bay Museum is suitable for all ages and fully accessible for all visitors. We are open almost every day throughout the year.  1940’s Swansea Bay Museum features:

  • Free on-site parking;
  • Gift Shop;
  • Easy disabled access;
  • A cafe, with light refreshments.

The people of the past; 1940s living historiansWe are also the home of several living history groups, so you can regularly meet the ‘people of the past’ as they bring the 1940’s to life.


A Seaman in our 1940s pubSwansea 1940’s Museum specialises in educational school and group visits, and is the ideal venue for WI, Round Table, Rotary Club, Brownies, Cubs, Scouts, Guides, ATC or ACF trips.

Bookings are now being taken for school visits  featuring interactive guided tours, which are ideal for KS2+3.

Please Telephone 01792 458864 to book or email for details.

RAF Fighter station at 1940s Swansea BayOpening Times

We are open Daily 10am-4pm.  (Last Admission 1 hour before closing) 


We’re easy to find and get to, only 3 miles from M4 Junction 42. Our address is:

1940s Swansea Bay
Baldwin’s Crescent
Crymlyn Burrows
Swansea SA1 8QQ (use SA1 8PT in GPS)


  1. ian raby says:

    Good afternoon. A few months ago I contacted you about volunteering in the garden..I did not get back to you. I am now a part time gardener at margam park but free mons and fridays. Would you still like some help doing up a dig for victory project?
    Ian Raby

    1. admin says:

      Hi Ian

      We`d love to have you along. We`re always looking for good volunteers. It would be great if you could pop into the museum, when we are open to discuss


  2. Linda Rogers says:

    Hope you can help.I have lost Barry Wards email address. Can you please pass mind on so we can get back in contact.We are hoping to him in the next few weeks. It would love to get back in touch .Thanks Linda and Terry

    1. admin says:


      I have forwarded Barry your email.

      Kind regards


  3. Carolyn Stevens says:

    Researching any small ships that went from the Swansea Bay/South Wales area for Operation Dynamo in May 1940

    Also “The Glee Maiden”

    The “Portessilisus” – mined and sunk February 1940 with Chinese seamen – towed to West Cross but later torpedoed and sunk

    Any information welcome

    1. admin says:

      HI. We haven`t currently any information on those from this area, but we`d love to hear of your research – and maybe we could do an exhibition with you?

      1. Carolyn Stevens says:

        Not sure what you mean by an exhibition. I’m just floundering around trying to mop up any info I can. As you will know there are numerous books covering the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940 – but all from the view point of the soldiers who were rescued. I have been unable to find anything about the people who took their own small ships across to France independently. There may not have been a great many, but go they did and of course were not on any official listing unlike the ships that were commandeered prior to the evacuation. Admiral Ramsey (Operation Dynamo) referred to them as ‘freelances’. I don’t know where to go to further my research and would be grateful for any advice or suggestions.

        The Glee Maiden was mentioned in the south Wales ‘Evening Post’ 20th May 1990.j
        The Portessilsus was mined off the Gower coast, the Chinese crew were rescued and taken to the Mumbles. The Germans later bombed the wreck It was towed into Three Crosses. February 1940.

  4. Nicola Bennett says:

    Is it possible to borrow any WW2 artefacts for pupils to complete observational drawing?

    1. admin says:

      Our collection of original artefacts and memorabilia is growing but at the moment we are not able to offer a loans or outreach service. I believe some of the county museums offer loans boxes as a free service to schools. I think that The FiringLine museum at Cardiff Castle also does this

  5. Mrs Lyn Hudson says:

    My uncle died last year in British Columbia Canada but both himself and his father were born in Burry Port, Wales. One of the artefacts was a Colt 45 gun, complete with ancient bullets which we handed to the RCMP for safe keeping. His father went thru the WW1 with this gun and his son, my uncle Eric Griffiths, went thru WW2 with it. They were both with the Canadian forces and when he was stationed here my uncle met my auntie and they married here, before going back to Canada. His father was presented to King Geo and I have a newspaper clipping of it, with him in uniform.

    It is a pity to destroy the gun and I was wondering if you could find a home in a museum, preferably military. I would not be looking for remuneration, simply a fitting place to donate the gun. I can request that the RCMP release it but of course there is a procedure to follow, re gun laws etc. Please advise.

    1. admin says:

      While we would very much love to have such a historic piece in our collection, it would of course have to be shipped from Canada and then deactivated here – as there are different laws in both countries. I’m afraid therefore that we won`t be able to accept your kind offer, as the costs and technicalities of shipping a live firearm into the country are prohibitive.

      I`m sure that a museum in Canada would love to have the Colt.

      many thanks

      1. John Thomas says:

        Perhaps you could let the Military Museums in Calgary know about the Colt, I’m sure they would be able to provide further guidance.

  6. linda and terry rogers. says:

    We know one of your members called Barry. I can not find his new email address to get back in contact with him .Can you please help.
    Linda Rogers.

    1. admin says:


      if you email us I will forward your email. Thnx

  7. Jed Lane says:

    Hi Ade, dont forget WWII Re-enactment South west on your friends list!
    We’re happy to help in any way and we can’t wait for this event!


    1. admin says:

      Thnx Jed. I`ve added the event to the FB list if you could be so kind as to look after the posting at the forum please. Thnx

  8. lollollol says:

    hey I went to this museum once it was awsume i ACTUALLY WENT THEIR TODAY WITH MY SCHOOL FAB DAY

  9. admin says:


    We haven`t (yet) any information on the Belgian fishermen in Swansea. We`ll look into this.

    There were a lot of Belgian fishermen evacuated to Brixham in Devon, my home town. There are many images of them at the Imperial War Museum. I understand that at least one family in the town ( the Burridges) are related to the Belgians.

  10. veronique brunet says:

    do you have any information on belgian reufgees that were sent to live in swansea in 1940 and the belgian fishermen that had to take barrage balloons out to sea ?

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